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Why choose us to

Manage your properties

Offering property for rental purposes usually requires compliance with administrative formal procedures, in particular the preparation of a contract binding upon the landlord, to meet a high number of rules which depend upon statutes which no one may be exempted from.
The management agent acting for the landlord who appointed him under a contract will be answerable for the management of the property.
We are to demonstrate that we do hold the professional card showing that we are authorised agents with the indication “real estate management”; so, we are able to produce a management authority certificate which is binding upon us when dealing with the landlord.
To secure your rental income and maximise earnings derived from your property, we offer three rental management solutions to meet your requirements and optimise your investments:

Simplicity Management
Tranquility Management
Serenity Management

The rate of these various services will be mutually agreed upon between the management agent and the lessor and will be notified to you when the contract is written.

Why entrust us with the management of your property?

When the owner is not on site, the management mandate given to a real estate professional is a reassuring solution for the good management of the property and makes it possible to alleviate heavy tasks such as reminders of payments, reminder of charges, intervention of a craftsman involving several requests for quotes, monitoring of any work.
Throughout the term of the lease, we will take care to inform you of the various legislative changes in order to meet your obligations as landlords.

1 - Ensure and optimize the profitability of your property Guarantee and unpaid rent insurance

Rent can represent an essential source of income for a household and especially the repayment of the loan following the acquisition of real estate.
With Arve Immobilier, you can benefit from our Unpaid Rent Guarantee which will provide you with regular income and will save you from unpaid debts with serious financial consequences.

2 - Legal and technical management

The evolution of legislation in the field of real estate obliges landlords / landlords to keep themselves informed of the new rules. It can expose itself to lawsuits from highly informed tenants.
Our legal knowledge is there to guarantee that the rules of law will be properly applied.

3 - Guarantee your peace of mind

Our role is first to establish a link between all the interlocutors such as:
Service providers (insurance, craftsmen, EDF, telephone service providers, condominium manager). The administration (taxes, municipal services, etc.)
Regarding the tenant, after having been appointed, our main missions will be as follows:
- The visit of the accommodation
- The selection of the tenant in view of his solvency or the guarantees he can provide
- Drafting of the lease contract as well as the entry and exit inventory.

4 - Deduction of management fees from land income

Day-to-day management fees and unpaid rent insurance are deductible from property income.